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​​Customised wool felt curtains

​With attention to detail

Your wool felt curtain absorbs sound, minimises noise levels, regulates humidity and neutralises unpleasant odours. It also purifies the room air of pollutants and therefore has a positive effect on health.
Thanks to its temperature-insulating material, it can also be used to protect against draughts and heat, thus improving the indoor climate in both winter and summer.
We work with you to develop the right solution for your application, using materials manufactured in Germany and the EU.

Production options 

  • ​with eyelets for attaching to a rod 
  • with curtain tapes for hanging on a curtain rail.

Why are our handmade curtains so beautiful and valuable?
Unlike most, we make them especially for you with experience, quality and pleasure.

​To your curtain

​Customised seat pads

​Cosy multi-talents

​Regardless of the room concept - there is a suitable solution for every chair, bench and seating area!
Seat covers offer surfaces extra protection, are versatile, flexible, easy to clean, hard-wearing, easy to care for and their cushioning function provides increased seating comfort and warmth.
Our production options are virtually unlimited in terms of shape and colour, which is why customers rely on us time and time again and enjoy their seat covers for years to come. 

Production options

  • ​made of 100% wool felt 
  • with or without padding
  • available in up to 45 colours 
  • in combination with leather 
  • as a double seat cover
  • also available in two colours 
  • with anti-slip coating.

Why are our handmade seat covers so unique and valuable?
Unlike most, we make them with experience, quality and pleasure especially for you and feel how you want to sit!

​To your seat cover