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"Opulent Ascension" by Sean Scully

At the 2019 Venice Biennale, the walk-in sculpture made of wool felt attracted around 300,000 visitors to the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore. "Opulent Ascension" with a height of 10 metres, it is the largest sculpture ever created by the Irish-American artist.
We supplied approx. 750 square metres of wool felt for this work of art. The quantity, the variety and the tight time frame were a real challenge for us. But we were able to justify Scully's and KEWENIG Gallery's trust in us and our work and bring it to a successful end.
The sculpture, which is impressive in colour and size, was then exhibited again in 2020 at the LWL-Museum for Art and Culture in Münster in 2020.
For the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, Scully created the sculpture a second time in 2022 in wool felt. This time we supplied only natural colours.
Successfully realising such projects with artists requires not only excellent expertise, but also an understanding of the special needs of the person and the project, the ambition to make the impossible possible and a sure instinct.

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Artist Sean Scully Finds His Muse in Venice

Sean Scully. Opulent Ascension im LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur in Münster

Sean Scully will create massive site-specific sculptures for his first Danish solo show in Thorvaldsens Museum

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