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​The natural product wool felt has not only been our professional focus for 20 years, but above all our passion. The diversity of our projects, our experience and our network enable us to realise all your ideas, and we are also interested in the technical application of felt.

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​High-quality felts

​As our name suggests, we offer you pure wool felts from the best felt producers in Germany and the EU - because this is the only way to make the processing of wool felt worthwhile for you. As wool is a naturally renewable raw material, our wool felts are ecologically harmless, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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​Customised products

​You are our true queen or king. It is important to us to understand your goals and to satisfy you. With this vision, we start and finish every project successfully, no matter how unique it is. We are open to your ideas and interested in working closely with you.

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​​Successful companies, galleries, hotels,
private customers have been relying on us for 20 years!

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